Mulled Christmas Tea

What is Christmas without Mulled spices? It’s getting to the point now where there’s mulled absolutely everything around us, diffusers, plug ins, candles, wine... Tea! 

So keeping up with the theme, I’ve been tweaking recipes for this for a while now. I was completely overthinking this as it is my first ever blog recipe. I kept adding spices then taking them away only to add something different when in the end its easy peasy and didn't need all of the additional faffing! I genuinely felt like Monica in friends trying to figure out Phoebes grandmothers cookie recipe! 

Ive always loved cooking, baking and coming up with little recipes that I could make for the family. Which is the main reason for this blog really, I want to document everything I make with tea that I think is worth sharing with you!


  • O.M.Tea Christmas Tea or Lets get Chai
  • 1L apple Juice
  • 4 Cinnamon sticks
  •  Reusable tea bags (optional) 

Serves 4

How to O.M.Tea this recipe!

  1. Empty the apple juice into a large saucepan + gently bring to a simmer

2. Whilst waiting for the apple juice to heat up put 2 x teaspoons of tea into 3 separate reusable tea bags then drop them into the juice or simply put 6 teaspoons of tea straight into the apple juice

3. Add Cinnamon sticks and let the mixture simmer away for 10 minutes

4. Discard or sieve the tea and serve in cute tumbler glasses, mine are literally just from Ikea but I absolutely love the hammered glass effect! I haven't here but I would usually keep the cinnamon sticks and pop one in each glass as décor!

and ta-da, a really simple stress free recipe for the festive season for everybody to enjoy! This one is a real hit with my kids! If you try this recipe at home don't forget to tag us on instagram!