Loose Leaf tea V Tea bags

For centuries tea has been our favourite drink and next to water its been the most consumed! With approximately 100 million cups of tea drunk in the uk each day you want to make sure what you are drinking is something super special!

So whats the difference?

Tea bags are generally made up of tea fanning's which is essentially low grade tea dust. Teas inside most tea bags miss out the rolling stage of the process, instead the leaves are crushed by using large machinery called Crush-Tear-Curl. This is simply done to keep up with demand for huge companies and not for those seeking quality flavours or health benefits through a lovely cup of tea. During this process the tea leaf cells are broken down causing them to release a large amount of phytins and essential oils. When broken tea leaves are brewed they release a huge amount of tannins into your cup which creates a harsh stale flavour. Not to mention if you are using a tea brand that doesn't use biodegradable tea bags, you're probably drinking a lot of micro-plastics - yuck! That is where we come into action, we are working closely with a manufacturer in the UK to have our blends put into SOILON biodegradable tea pyramids so we can give you all of the flavour none of the nasties!! These will be launching in October so keep those eyes peeled!!

Loose leaf tea is the whole leaf, rolled and dried. When you brew loose leaf tea in water the leaf expands and unfolds. You are seeing it how nature intended, 100% natural and unprocessed! This way you are infusing all of its nutrients, oils and antioxidants basically... GOODNESS into your cup! The flavour is incomparable to most tea bags. 

Our brand started out in search of health benefits to create wellness in a cup for our customers, we will always use whole leaves and natural ingredients in our blends to encourage healthier lifestyles for us all. 

We're on a mission to get you to rethink how we drink our tea and promote your wellness on our way!