Pear Mojito Tea infused cocktail

We're all getting a bit more creative with our cocktail making, this one is so light and refreshing whether your taking it on the go as a mock tail or your making a pitcher with rum for the garden! And green tea in your cocktail surely balances out the alcohol, right?
You will need:⁣
Pear Mojito tea⁣
Lemonade ⁣
Rum - optional ⁣
Cold brew bottle - (these are amazing)⁣
Cocktail measure if you’ve got one⁣

For the garnish: optional⁣
Fresh mint ⁣
Pear ⁣
Sugar syrup ⁣
Crushed ice ⁣
Muddler (or in my case a honey dipper!) ⁣

You could always run a bit of lime around the edge of your glass and dip into a mixture of sugar and cinnamon... YUM
Watch a video below for a step by step guide on how to make this tasty tea!