Self Love Recipe

Well, Coronavirus really needs to get in the bin doesn’t it? Like for many others, this week has been beyond stressful for me! The uncertainty is a horror isn’t it?! Like it or not though it looks like we’ll be hankering down until its safe for us to resurface again.

Nevertheless, we’re on day 5 of self-isolation over here and already I wish we would have got the horrid floors changed beforehand, I’m genuinely sick of the sight of them already! But for that very reason (my negative mindset) I decided to write a blog about Self-Love. Our Self-Love Tea collection has been our best seller this past week and I can see why, I think we’re all in need of a little extra TLC at the moment.

Self-Love can mean practicing so many different things for every one of us but on the whole its regard for one's own well-being and happiness” but, if you’re struggling to find ways in which to regain a little self-love, I’ve listed a few things which may be able to help!


TEA – obviously! No seriously, I live by the motto there is nothing a cup of tea can’t fix! Since learning about herbs, I realise there is a tea blend for every kind of feeling.

Loose leaf tea

Be Thankful – write down 5 things you’re grateful for each day. Let’s train our brains to think a bit more positive in these dreary times. Make sure to include something about YOU in your list. 

 Family time

Connect – its 2020, make a cuppa and facetime!


Disconnect – I keep having to remind myself that even though I’m feeling super stressy about not getting my full wage for a while, how it will affect my husband’s job and worrying about my family’s health. It must also be quite scary for the kids, they may be little, but they will be noticing everything, kids are great at reading us, probably better than us reading ourselves. I love Cosmic Kids Yoga for them, there’s a really good meditation video for them– it’s never too early to start teaching our children about loving themselves too. Realigning our thoughts is always a great way to start, I listen to Jay Shetty’s podcast a lot and have recently found his meditation videos on YouTube which are just as amazing!


Read  I reaaaaally want to be one of those people who reads books but I’m not… I’m far too impatient so audiobooks all the way for me but hey, you can turn it up real loud to drown out the sound of your kids throttling each other in the other room! I mean, I am TERRIBLE at finishing books, I seem to get so far and get distracted then completely forget I ever started. Or I’ll buy one for holiday, read so much, then as soon as I get home, I’m back to 100 mile an hour Emily and it gathers dust on our bookshelf. But either or, Michelle Obama Becoming is one of my favourite memoirs alongside Oprah Winfrey, what I know for sure (this is probably the only one I have read start to finish) and especially for my small business friends She Means Business by Carrie Green is a great listen/read.


Bake – Three words… WARM. BANANA. LOAF. We’re going to be in the mood for snacks, let’s be real there’s no better treat, and you cannot go wrong baking banana loaf, ill share my pumpkin spiced tea infused banana loaf soon and tag it to this post, its fool proof and it’ll shut your husband/kids up for a good 5 minutes… WINNER!

Chai latte

Learn – I have been learning Herbology and absolutely love it (obviously), it’s helped me so much with my business and just looking after myself a little better in general. But also, I’ve been paying attention a lot more about Gut health, I have spoken a lot about my daughter and her Crohn’s so anything that could potentially help her ill spend time learning about. If you want to learn more too, @thegutstuff on Instagram has a great feed!


Rest – Cos’ lets be honest, fast forward 4 months when hopefully we’ll be back in our normal routines, we'll be wishing that we just took that afternoon nap!


Focus – do you really need an excuse for another Pinterest board? For a lot of us this will be the first time in a long time that we have way more time on our hands. If there’s a project you’ve been trying to find the time to plan or had to postpone your wedding/holiday? Try and take now as a positive time to put a bit more focus into your plans. Let’s make it even better when that time comes back around.


Stay Active – Okay, social distancing might mean even staying the F away from your postman/woman but it doesn’t mean you can’t all bundle in the car (households only yes I have read the guidelines fully) and go to a national trust park, big airy spaces or if you’re lucky enough to live in Scotland like me, there’s usually a beach/loch/mountainous land not too far away. Get out in the fresh air, also great for tiring those babes out! If the outdoors isn’t your thing anyway and your relishing your inner introvert, Joe Wicks has tonnes of YouTube


Whatever you decide to do over the next few weeks/months, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Take this time to do things that bring you happiness, stay positive and where possible, stay home! You’ll look back and remember how you felt, not what you did so let’s just try and pay attention to the things that make us feel happy and LOVED!


Sending love!

Emily x