My Chai - Masala Chai

My Chai - Masala Chai

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O.M.Tea's Chai is a modern twist on the ancient recipes blending raw herbs and spices with our fine luxury black tea. Cosy up and take a moment to chill with our sweet warming chai, a silky luxurious blend perfect with a dash of milk & sweeten to taste for a truly exquisite brew.

Available in our biodegradable tea pyramids or loose leaf.

Caffeine: high

Brew: one heaped teaspoon at 100C for 3 minutes

Ingredients: Indian Assam Black Tea (50%), Spices (40%) (Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Red Peppercorns), Sri Lankan Black Tea (10%), Natural Flavouring

Vegan friendly

May contain traces of nuts